Zwift Café/Clubhouse

This idea integrates a few others raised here.

As soon as the rider logs in, they start in the clubhouse/cafe (sponsorship opportunity?)

In the café, the menu on the back wall lists sanctioned/organised events you can join (similar to the top right on pre-ride screen)

Each table represents a different lobby, where users can chat and organise private events.
E.g. a different table for Social group ride, TT, Climbing, Flat, group workout and Women only.
Perhaps also a private one where you can invite friends.

Once you join the respective lobby, you can form a private event to ride/race together either closed or open course.

This would fill the gap when there’s no official group ride in the calendar that suits, but you don’t want to just ride aimlessly solo.

Would also allow virtual shop rides, race your mates,

Perhaps the shop could also have a rquipment/merchandise section where you can change outfit (or “purchase kit” using tokens earned though achievements)

Would be good if you could ride back to the café during a ride if you wish.

Happy to discuss in more detail if ZHQ are interested to implement.

Espresso power-ups and beer power-downs doled out at the cafe?