Where's the Coffee Shop???

Zwift Island is in dire need of a coffee shop! I mean, where can we hang out and socialize post-ride? Aren’t all rides about getting coffee anyway?

A great big neon ESPRESSO sign on the main strip by the waterfront would be just about perfect!


yeah i agree! A chat room room would be nice where we could talk and setup taking off as a group ride. Just a thought

Could even be where the ride starts from, instead of the simulated race start.

Would be a cool feature. Take a break and then also be able to continue your ride.

This would be Great.

Now you’re talking! Great idea. I think I’ll grab an espresso now that my Zwift workout is done for the day :slight_smile:

Great idea. A coffee house chat room.

Decorated with some top 10 lists (All time / Year / This Month / This Week)

Podium winners should have their pictures displayed next to their virtual trophies

Put a bullion board for rider to leave one another public notes, just like real coffee houses

Also a great way to post upcoming Zwift events or Zwift news.

It might be quite nice to have a spectator view of the course from the coffee shop as well.

Great idea!

Love it! Great idea!