Neutral Zwift Shop Ride/Race

Not sure if this is the right spot to request this but I thought it would be cool if there was maybe a daily Zwift Shop Ride and Race that was not specific to any bike shop or club. Have a time slot for each time zone in the evening during the week and maybe in the morning on the weekend? What ever the most popular times are maybe? 

Andy, who would be the ride leader and sweepers for the 8+ daily group rides – in other words, would those be volunteer leaders not already leading rides with any of the informal Zwift groups or would those be Zwift employees?

Races do not need leaders so that would be easy. As for the rides thats a good point, not sure. More interested in racing anyways. Just an idea


Like a Zwift coffee house with a start gate every 20 minutes with a different course each turn?

A place where you can stop on the course get off your bike and sit down and chat with other riders … You have a running .bvh for the runners, so a walking Av is already an asset. Get some coffee chain to sponsor it …