too many races, not enough group rides?

Maybe it’s just the time of day that I ride, but it seems like the vast majority of the group rides are races?  Races are great, but does anyone else think that there is a lack of just regular group rides?

Most Group Rides and Races are handled by 3rd parties.

Hey Michael,

We would love to see more group rides, especially more easy-moderate pace rides.  The one requirement is that each group ride must have a dedicated ride leader who agrees to ride at the advertised pace.  If you or anybody else is interested in leading a group ride feel free to email me -

Ride on.


VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.

Hi Charlie,

I think Zwift is realistic to real rides in this respect.  In my experience leaders have many times said they plan to “take it easy”, “go slow”, etc.  That usually translates to attack off the front like it’s no effort from the start. :slight_smile: