Groups? help me here. ???

I joined a group (first time last night) from what I’ve read, everyone is suppose to stay behind the leader?  Was told it would be 19-20mph. 

I join in 5 min before. I see “LEADER” arrow mid pack.  It starts - everyone bolts.  In the middle - I bolt.  The leader speaks on team speak and says where she is (miles behind the pack? at least the pack I could see.)  I continued to “do my thing” as everyone else was doing their thing.  

So explain this group ride idea? 

Ron, many of the group rides on Zwift are a lot like rides in real life in that they turn into ego-infused hammerfests.  People show up with no intention of holding the advertised pace.  They fly off the front from the gun and never rejoin.  However,  I think you will find that there is a core group that will stay with the leader and finish together

Agreed with David - there are many parts of this so-called Zwift community that is not community like at all - I am getting tired of it really.

And, well… there is so much digital doping (mis-represented weights and inaccurate power data) that I am slowly becoming unable to enjoy Zwift any more after riding about 1400 miles (or more) on it.

I mostly use it in my classroom or as a party trick when people come over OR other family members use it to have fun, but that is it.

I don’t even attempt to take the competitive side of it seriously any more. Especially the Strava segments - I tried to, but there is just so much fake data and it won’t EVER get cleaned up.

That’s a shame. I think in this case.  If someone who starts in a group (we get matching jerseys) takes off - and by the time they’re 1/2 miles to 1 mile ahead of the leader they should be dropped out of the group and lose the jersey and become part of their own free ride. 

What appealed to me is that I can join EASY rides and beginner races. I would like to see more per age group.  With that verified by the age entered in our account. I think it would be nice if the software which wants to set my ftp.  Gave us our A,B, C,D,E designation by our recent performance. Limiting E and D users to level entry rides and A,B,C riders limited to the medium and high-performance rides. 

Its nice to see how we (individuals) perform among others in our same age/performance group without "A"s and pro’s lapping us. 

If we want to be abused… we can enter a A/B level race  ;-)