Virtual coffee stop

I suggest along the route have a few virtual coffee shops where you can stop during a ride and well have a coffee break and even have a chat with others too there.

That’s part of the the ride right? I think it might just keep me riding longer than just an hour. It would be like and out and back.

On longer group rides we often have to coordinate a stop so we can answer call of nature without getting separated.

I guess it could be possible to do something similar to the start of a meetup where riders wait by the side of the road until countdown expires. Could even get fancy and wait until ride leader says go, or let riders vote and when an agreed percentage are ready, roll out.

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Not a bad idea, I was thinking of something a bit more integrated into the game. For example maybe a custom shop where you could do something different to the bike or kit, or perhaps a expresso powerup or something like that. I ride solo a lot and I guess having purpose of destination would extend my time on that particular zwift free ride.