Ability to stay in group after a group ride or race for 5-10 mins

I have an idea to improve the social side of Zwift: which is that when finishing a group ride, Zwift would keep you in the group after the finish, with an option button to exit the group when you want to (plus maybe a time-out after 5-10 minutes)
(Instead of the existing situation where you automatically exit a group ride or race as soon as you cross the finish line)

I think this would give the possibility of a bit of post-ride chat and banter with the group you have been riding or racing with, as people are cooling down or just stationary post the finish, which would be really cool, just like irl, which we might do after the sprint for the village sign or over :coffee:!!

Reason for suggesting is that I find that the chat during group rides is sometimes a bit limited, probably because many people are struggling to text and ride at the same time, especially in a hard ride like yesterday’s eFondo! I’ll sometimes find myself being one of only a few people chatting… to myself!! :wink:

Plus when the ride finishes, I’d love the opportunity for a bit of post ride chat, which would help give a nice sense of a conclusion to a ride!!

We should start at the pier and after the finish, ride back into a pier coffee shop where everyone can chat away. we need a Starbuck’s or somewhere to hang out.

Could be as simple as everyone appears back at the pier spinning on the their stationary trainers like at the beginning. 

Or a better idea is a minimized chat box in the bottom corner for 5-10min post finish. It could display metrics in pull down boxes to show finish times, avg power etc.

Further, a tab could show different camera views of the your finish and the winning sprint finish etc.

Even further, post race celebration for the winner with sideline camera view. Whole other subject…