Post-race discussion

Fix the dead link in ZwiftPower on race results “Comment” > “post a reply”

Reference this thread: Post-Race Discussion template / guidelines

This goes back to when ZwiftPower forums were initially made read-only 3 years ago.

There used to be the ability to have a discussion that was linked directly to the ZwiftPower results page. (“Comments” - the link is still there, but every user is unable to post comments, even the organizers)

I made the suggestion then that you could just auto-generate a discussion on these forums when a comment is made if that was the concern - those discussion boards, while they had their issues, were a big part of Zwift community at the time. At the moment the only way to have post-race discussion is to attempt to connect directly on-platform immediately (assuming other people don’t leave the world or leave zwift) of if you have other social media connection.