Forum Move - Means unable to post comments on races

One imapct of forum move is folks are unable to post comments on the actual race results / streams / notes about any data anamolies (HR etc) vs in the past.

Not a huge deal but a feature to consider reinstating if race results fucntionality is expanded again at some point.

I think this is a huge disadvantage, as then you have to post somewhere separately if there is an issue with a particular event.
But who cares, they’ll just close this thread anyway, right?

I guess they just made the forums read only not even knowing it was also used for the event comments …

To follow up why this is a helpful fucntiionality that is lost with the move.

Most dicussions in race results are very civil which is nice.

Folks inlcuding myself post race streams there
If folks have a anamoly with HR or the like here this is often posted in the race comments as well

Bascially think of the post race comments as the post ride coffee shop / village hall post a race.

Inteirm solutions if possible could be to assign each event a pre defiend zwift forum topic in a category with a hot link form zwift power.


Just as much as it was a virtual coffee house, it was also a place to question rider performance (whether justified or not … ) … I can see how community-driven scrutiny of power numbers conflicts with Zwift’s commercial interest.

The recent WTRL event discussions, for example, where some rider who was new to zwift and put out pro-tour level 20min numbers, was kindly asked to follow up with some verification, and subsequently stated they would never use (/pay) zwift again because of that, probably didn’t help much in deciding whether to keep an event comment section (\zwiftpower forum) :slight_smile:

In any case… not a great thing for fairness levels of zwift racing


yep good call … never know when someone is going to throw hot coffee across the room!

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As an organiser, I was never notified of any comments made on an individual race (as opposed to on the ZP Forum itself). Maybe a good place for riders to slag off each other but not much good for raising an issue with organisers.


comments on the race automatically ended up in the event section of the forum. I’m guessing that’s where you read them?

I know where they ended up. I point is that there was no notification of them. And I wasn’t about to log into the ZP Forum every day and trawl through posts, just in case somebody posted something. Ergo, any and all comments on specific events went unseen and unanswered (by me, at any rate).


I see, Robert. I am not aware about how race organizers got notified of posts in the different forum sections, so I can’t judge that.

Regardless, I will miss the functionality. Sticky did in fact address a lot of issues with race results there. Discussions, if there were any, were mostly well-behaved, or just took the form of friendly, good-spirited race chatter. With nearly 5000 commented races in less than 2 years, it was quite popular to many event participants. It was definitely more than ‘‘a place to slag each other off’’ :wink:


just adding another vote to say it was useful. it was basically the place for finish line banter (specific to THAT race.)

i think a bigger role were people, including power meter experts, publically commenting on the zrl PD dual recordings. like you have a guy in there whos primary is an elite suito (barely a step up from a muin), some people’s trainers reading 20w higher than their PMs … not a good look for zwift racing as a viable sport with money involved, as technology currently stands.

although let me be clear in saying that all the riders in the PD themselves are strong and probably honest for the most part


Eric Min talked about on a podcast about having the post race discussion as a sort of in-game “post race coffee pen” where people could discuss the event.

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Hey all

The post-race chat about races are valuable, and we do want to encourage that here.

We have some guidelines for anyone that would like to initiate a discussion here. The idea behind this style guide is so it’s consistent and easy for racers to find the event the competed in.

At least removing the post race chat will stop the Saris guys being nasty about people, which has become the norm it seems. They don’t seem to like anyone who beats them and have continued to abuse Brett Boniface as an example, both in game and after it.

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they went after me, ingame, on facebook etc, just for defending the general principle of privacy, like i’m supposed to be the guy’s friend or know him personally. thankfully my skin is thicker than most of their hairlines

Went after me too. Didn’t believe my power numbers, despite using 4 powermeters, all of which matched, including their beloved H3.
Funny thing is some of them have some dodgy PM readings. Trainers reading higher than pedals, and even one of their top riders who (based on analysing a dual file) I reckon has rolled back the firmware to before the sprint watt fix. This gives you an extra 100w or so in a sprint as the cadence goes haywire, handy that one.

Shuji - I posted on that sticky because I saw it first, but here probably would have been better - that race discussion template is a good start, but automating the thread generation/finding from the race results comments link is the way that this is going to work well.


Honestly, I don’t think it has any viability as a money sport. You’ve got thousands of racers who’ll race for free and be just as entertaining, I don’t see the benefit for anyone to put up money.
The key is in entertaining race formats and presentation - how fast the athletes are is less important. I prefer watching the Tuesday ZRL broadcast to the Monday.


He’s promised a good few things over the last years…