Changing ERG mode settings when in a training session

I use a WattBike through Apple TV (gen 4) and was doing an FTP builder training session. I connect via the Companion App. when in the session the instructions say for Sprints come out of ERG mode using the Companion App. I used the companion and changed the setting to ERG Off but am still unable to change up gears? This makes this particular training plan useless as in ERG I just cant spin fast enough to hit the required 410 Watts. it stays in ERG and only at my relaxed 140 Watts. Does anyone have any ideas please?

You can no longer disable ERG mode on Apple Tv with the Atom - This broke a few updates back.

It does still work on Ant+ though.

This falls inline with the many other Apple Tv\ERG\Bluetooth issues that Zwift have introduced in recent months and failed to acknowledge or rectify.

Edit - Hey @shooj perhaps this is one of those issues where you could provide some feedback…

cheers Lee