ERG Mode Workouts


Just a quick question.
When I do a workout that has “free ride”, the app says ERG Mode will now switch off.
However when I’m into it, the companion still shows as ERG activated.

Should I press on switch off at the start and back on at the end on the companion app?
Isn’t it supposed to be automatic?

I’m just nearing my FTP test after my Build me up and since I have only done Ramp Tests and want to try out the full FTP one, I need to understand properly.

Thank you!

What trainer are you using & device to run Zwift?

Not an Atom by any chance with Apple Tv?

My recent experience - on a wahoo kickr bike through an iPad - when the FTP started the ERG mode was switched off by the system, i could use the gears and cadence to drive the best wattage i could with the screen showing both current wattage and average for the test thus far. BMU FTP also gave me prompts to push harder at mid points and with 1 and 2 minutes to go. Hope that helps in some way

The system should shut it off itself, however I know there are glitches on some workouts where it doesn’t. Last year’s academy workouts some sprints it worked for me, others it didn’t.

kickr on apple tv.

ERG is still activated, it’s just not giving the trainer a target wattage during the free ride. At the end of the free ride it will start again. When the ERG radio button is off, it will never tell you trainer what wattage you should be at.