Changing all past activities to public?

Hi all! Hope you’re all well!
I’m trying to pass data to Zwift Power and have found that because my activities are restricted to followers, they aren’t uploaded.

Can I change all past activities to “public” without having to edit each one individually? I have loads! I know there is a similar function in Strava which will update all past activities. I also know this isn’t Strava! :wink:

Many thanks!


As far as I know, no… Haven’t heard of such functionality like on Strava…

Thanks Ludo,
I suspected so but had to ask. I was hoping there might be some kind of export/edit/import hack but alas…


Yeah unfortunately no batch editing! Cheers buddy

There is a possible hack, actually. You can write a script to do this, but a) it is potentially unsafe (you need to trust who does this for you, if you don’t do it yourself), b) it is potentially not in strict conformity of the Zwift EULA (although a Zwift moderator once told me that they are not against benign “abuse” of their platform… see Zwiftpower and WTRL), and c) it is pretty complicated (not for me). I am not going to write the instructions here for those reasons (and it may inspire malicious behaviour), but maybe we can get in touch directly and I could explain you how to do it (or what information you should give me for me to do it - still, make sure you will NEVER give me nor anyone else your user name nor your password) and the risks involved. Maybe we can get in touch in discord (I never used it, though) or something, if it is not against the rules of this forum? I am not bluffing nor scamming, although I understand that what I wrote sounds pretty misterious :melting_face:

It won’t actually help you to set all past activities to public - ZwiftPower will generally only attempt to pull the .fit file for a couple of days.

Hi Igor,
I understand you. Thanks for the offer! I work in IT myself so I’m familiar with scripting etc. My guess is it would be some kind of export, search/replace and import kind of procedure. However, I’ve had a think and I’ll just change the last few weeks activities to public to start my ZP data set. I’ve already set my default to public so from now on I’ll start improving my ZP profile.

I thought I’d try a bit of racing to spice things up a bit so I have to start somewhere.


Hi Craig,
I’ve been testing the theory and it does bring in the activities I set to public. At least the last week or so. I’ll do the last few weeks and see if it continues.



Way to go! Zwiftpower rankings are a bit more meaningful than Zwift ones, although zPower racers are providing unfair draft advantage to legitimate riders sometimes. Ride on!

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