Category Enforcement and E Pen

I’m not sure if this a known bug but I have had riders trying to join a category enforced race but are unable to select and enter any pens. The riders zwift power profile is currently set to E, due to him not riding since Feb. In this race E pen is set for women only. Would this be what’s cause the problem?

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The E pen for uncategorized riders is optional. Not all races have it. The rider can do a free ride and get a category set very quickly. If they want the category to be accurate they’ll need to do something hard. Alternately just enter the category they were in previously.

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Paul that’s the issue,
They tried entering C Cat and it wouldn’t let them. It won’t let him enter any pens.
I’ve told him to get a ride in the bank to help his category out. But wasn’t sure if this was a bug.

Not a bug, you just have to do any ride of I think 2km or more and you’ll get a category. If it’s an easy ride the category will be D, but the rider should enter C anyway in that case.