Classified as Cat A ? But I was D

Hi back to Zwift after a decent time away but it will only let me enter A cat races ? I was a D cat when I stopped racing ? Is there a way to change this now under the new system ?

You haven’t finished a race in the last 90 days, if that applies to all Zwift activites, simply do a 2Km+ ride and do a realistic 5-12min effort. Afterwards you will then be allocated your provisional Category Enforcement pen.

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Thanks Steve I’ll have a look now :+1:

According to the FAQ

Anyone who doesn’t have any activity on Zwift within the previous 90 days can only race in category E. Category E is optional and must be requested by the race organizer.

Ment to reply to @Neil_Bradley2981

Hmmm Zwift power says E but companion only allows me to enter A

It certainly used to be the case that “E” riders could enter pen A or pen E.

If you go to and click on My Profile, what do you see for a pace group? If it says A then you are A (perhaps due to a trainer fault or doing a free ride with your weight adjusted down, or sharing the account with someone who lowered your weight).

Looks like it’s sorted just did a short tt in E cat and it’s now classified me as D again . Thanks for your help all


Not all races offer the E pen – maybe this was your original issue? In those cases, I guess there’d be sense in only allowing entry into A. Yes, you’d be riding alone once out of the gate, but it’s not like the E pen ever has many/any riders either.

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