Cat a?

I didn‘t ride on zeigt till April. I allways was cat C.
Now I‘m Registers as cat A. WhatsApp Is the mistake?

Hello @Andree_Leu, welcome to the forums. If you haven’t ridden on Zwift in the past 90 days you will be locked out of all other categories except A until you get a ride in and Zwift can calculate your correct category. This is to help prevent sandbagging.

Some races also have an E category for riders without any 90 day history. If you do any ride you should be assigned a race category. If you do an FTP test or other hard workout it will be more accurate.

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Thank you Mike,
good news. I Couleur Not stand s Race in A. :hot_face::raising_hand_man:

Thank you Paul,
Very helpful. :+1::+1: