Can't enter women's races

I noticed that I got locked out from women’s races by the category enforcement when they are listed as E (1-5 w/kg). I’m a bit confused because my w/kg is not over 5 and I’m a women. What would be the reason for not being to enter these races?

Do you have a specific example? Also, if you are seeing ‘E (1-5 w/kg)’, that sounds like an group ride, as opposed to a race.

In CE races the E Category can be used for two things:

  1. Ladies only category if the Ladies symbol is shown at the front.

  2. An open category for anyone who DOESN’T have any ride activity in the past 60 days.

Example of both below.

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Look at the Z racing series. Stage 1 for example. There are multiple racing events that E pen are for women. I couldn’t enter any of them.

The E category does not appear to be for women. It looks like that category is for people who don’t have enough results to be ‘Category Enforced’. Do you already have enough results that you have an assigned CE category? If so, you will have to race in that category, or higher.

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Thanks for the clarification.