Category Enforcement Weirdness

Hi All,

I have not been on Zwift since last Summer … mostly due to having some work done on the house affecting the room where my setup lives, and this taking waaaaay longer than it was expected to.

Now trying to get back into it, and thought I might enter a race or two just for the hell of it and I find that for Category Enforced races I am only permitted to enter catA … I have never been an A. For one brief moment around 3 years ago, I had won a couple of catC Crit City races and was on the verge of moving to catB, but then work and other factors caused me to spend less time on Zwift and my numbers to drop.

My guess is that my current numbers would probably leave me still in catC but very much middle of the pack.

What is going on with the enforcement?

When you have no 90 day data, you will be allowed in pen E when pen E exists, but if the event doesn’t have pen E then you go to A. If you do any ride it will give you a category. A hard ride will produce the most accurate result, but you could just go for a 2km spin and then enter cat C. Personally I would not enter D even if it’s offered, unless your fitness is way down.

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it’ll give you a category after you do a ride. doesn’t have to be a race, doesn’t even have to be a group ride. as long as it’s 2 minutes or more. they might have changed the actual minimum length required for a ride to count, but it used to be 2 minutes. i think it’s written in the faq somewhere, but i really don’t blame you for not reading or knowing where it is, since nobody does

if you log on like even 10 minutes earlier than the race you want to do starts, do maybe 5 minutes easy just to be safe, then end the ride, you should more or less be able to sign up for a realistic category immediately. please do the community a service and enter a category that is at least somewhat appropriate for your ability for that first race you do, though

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You are correct … I don’t know where that is, but I will go find it now I know it exists.

Would never do anything else.

i know, most people are basically decent, and i see the best in everyone. i just gotta say it as a disclaimer

There’s a pretty nice one next to your fitness metrics in your zwift feed, under “more info”. most of the useful info is in there. god bless

Let me take this opportunity to annoy a zhq staff member about how hidden it is: @DavidP you hear me? i’m gonna be real annoying and tag you every time this happens until someone at zhq either puts me out of my misery or plasters it all over ZP or right at the top of every ZHQ race description or something. i’d be tagging flint instead if he were here, may he rest in peace

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What exactly are we talking about here? what is hidden?

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hey thanks man, wasn’t expecting an actual response. i’ll clarify as best i can. this is a simple thing but this is something that’s been bothering me for a while now. there’s a (very nicely written) faq explaining the general principle and mechanics behind CE that I always refer people to here:

i think it covers 99% of the questions most people have when they misunderstand or want to know about CE, so i appreciate that it exists. however, as far as I know, the only way to get to that faq is to go to your zwift feed, something i have a feeling not too many people do a lot of in the first place, and then click on a small “more info” hyperlink next to their fitness metrics.

The info in there basically covers everything people need to know about CE as far as I’m concerned - it’s short, concise, and well written. I sincerely believe that if that faq was made much more visible then it would clear up a lot of general confusion people have about the CE system. I’m on a PC and don’t use the companion app, so i don’t know if it’s more or less visible there

my suggestions would be to put a direct link to it somewhere near the top of the race description of every zhq event, to move it elsewhere on the site, to put a direct link straight to it on everyone’s zp profile, or something of that nature. I don’t think it’s a revolutionary idea or is going to radically change public sentiment towards CE, but I really do spend a lot of time telling people to read it and just as much time telling them where it is on the website so that they can read it

I don’t know if it’s high priority or unexpectedly difficult, but thanks for listening to my request. let me know if you want me to clarify anything further about what I’m asking for

also, rereading it, i notice the faq only deals with how the metrics are calculated. as far as the whole system goes, maybe it would be a good idea if it was just integrated directly into the main ce faq which is already viewable on a person’s ZP profile - they’re different pages currently. they could probably be merged?

this is the current faq that is linked on the ZP profile. it’s a lot more accessible, but i think they’re both equally useful to people

Well, the Category Enforcement FAQ is already linked in the ZP profile page. Even if it’s not in a very visible place those that are interested in the details do get there.

The Metrics FAQ is linked inside the Cat. Enforcement FAQ :point_up: , so anyone reading in its entirety should reach there as well. It’s also linked (like you said) in the Zwifter’s profile at
Sure, I could also add the link to that one in the ZP profile page, but I’m not sure if that would be a huge improvement.

Merging the two documents is perhaps not a good idea as I think it would become a more “scary” document to read and be even worse.

Linking them in events description doesn’t seem to be a silver bullet here as from what I’m told not many people read the events description.

Ideally we should work in some kind of racing tutorial for newcomers where this information would be more easily accessible by everyone, but I’m not sure where that stands in terms of priorities at the moment.
Perhaps we can also pin a forum thread in the Racing section with the links to the important information (?)


oh, it is. i’ve been telling people to read it so often that i forgot the contents myself. I see the reasoning and appreciate it. I would be happy with a pinned forum thread, just something very obvious that I can personally refer people to

Most people who make threads in this forum asking about some technical aspect of CE - this one isn’t one of them - usually just need to see the first FAQ i linked. it would be easier for me or other posters to be able to say “there’s a pinned thread with all the links in it” than it is to say “go to your profile, go to your metrics, click the thing” or “go to the other FAQ, find the link, click that”, you get the idea. I think for maybe a year and a half (?) after CE came out there was no FAQ at all and a lot of people still aren’t aware that one that does answer their questions now exists. I don’t even think I knew about it until at least a month after it went live

an official racing tutorial from in house, whatever form that takes, sounds great. it’s been a lot of years and a lot of updates since i did my own first race and zwift is pretty different now, but i remember having to go on the dubious advice of other racers, word of mouth, third party websites etc. a lot of that info is still best left there, but a simple, officially integrated introduction might go a long way. i think, anyway