Castle Crit completed on the TDZ (Run) not crediting the Badge [2024]

Reran the route today as scheduled. Badge awarded. Annnnndddd relax :smile:


Hey Everyone! Thanks for flagging.

An update has been posted on the main Tour de Zwift thread!

Thanks everyone for flagging the issue with the missing badge unlock for TdZ Stage 8 - Running on Castle Crit! We are aware of the issue and all events going forward have been updated to ensure the badge is unlocked.

For member’s who completed the route as apart of TdZ Stage 8 running and did not receive the badge, we are looking into the issue and a resolution and will provide an update once available!

Ride on.


Yea. Reran today 2/9 and badge awarded. Thanks for fixing!


Checked this morning if it was granted based on previous runs, but no badge than. Did another loop today and got mine as well.

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For member’s who are still missing the badge from Castle Crit - TdZ Stage 8 - We will be awarding those badges by the end of the week. I will post another update once the badges have been awarded.

Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked through this. Ride on.


Just curious who hasn’t received the badge yet and is willing to report the successful distribution as announced in Amanda’s post?

As of yet i don’t have it but I’m sure it’ll get sorted