Castle Crit completed on the TDZ (Run) not crediting the Badge [2024]

Ran the Castle Crit route four times today, during two consecutive TdZ - Stage 8 Run (short) events, but the route badge wasn’t assigned on both runs.

Is there a run route badge for Castle Crit ? You can of course run the new rebel routes but I thought the badges were cycling only.

Yep, added recently under the Running achievement badges. I’d low to see lots of new routes to be added btw.

Got a (fair quick) response from one of the agents:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with Zwift. The badge may be slightly delayed. please wait 24 hours and reach back out if the badge has not appeared. In the meantime, you can try logging out and back into all Zwift apps to see if that pushes the badge through.


I had this too - will wait until tomorrow and see if it appears

I also did not get the badge unlock. It typically flashes the achievement on screen so I’m not so confident it will push through in a day. More likely a bug/oversight in their coding.

Hi @Auke_Rensen, I can see that you completed the Castel Crit and counted toward your TDZ progress. As you were informed; There just be a slight delay in getting the badge.

[ Janine Peacock

I also did not get the badge unlock. It typically flashes the achievement on screen so I’m not so confident it will push through in a day. More likely a bug/oversight in their coding.)

In your case @Janine_Peacock I could see that the entitlement was already unlocked. I recommend you log out and log back into your account to see if the entitlement is there.


I had the same issue. I completed 2 laps of the route but did not get the badge.

Same here. Cannot see why waiting would push the badge. Route badges are always given as soon as you cross the finishing line.

Crossing the line shows 4.98km. The route is supposed to be 5km.
Maybe the start of the event was put 20 meters too far into the route?
This was supposed to put me back to 100% of the badges. Bummer!

I have completed 4 laps and I have not gotten the badge either. :face_exhaling:

+1 Ran it at lunch time today and thought I’d see the badge. No go. Will try again on Friday to give them enough time to get it sorted :smiley:

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Might be dependent on a Zwift update or at least a server-side switch thrown to award badges for new routes (I assume this is a new running route).

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I also did not get the badge. I ran to 5.25km. I started in the pens and completed at banner.

Just wondering if anyone get that new badge?

Hi Martha,
I checked again and the Castle Crit Running Badge is not filled in as of 2/7/24 9:40pm PST. Do you see it differently on your end?

Thanks for your help,

Same here - 2 attempts to unlock during Stage 8 of Tour de Zwift Running, also doing an extra lap., did not get the badge….no banner or XPs either

Interestingly the Companion App is not showing the achievement markers (green or grey) for all 3 new rebel routes (event only) from TdZ 2024 and shows Castle Crit twice (normal route and run) which isn‘t the case for any of the other running badge routes (they are all there only once in the companion app and seem to be linked to the cycling ones) - the grey/green marker is missing for other event-only badge earning running routes as well (Handful of gravel)

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Me too, run completed no badge

Wish I’d read this before I did it a 2nd time. I see an explosion of bunting or whatever at the finish line but no message to say badge awarded :frowning:

Same here; ran the route yesterday and no badge. Ran the longer event today thinking the route start location was placed somewhere along the course that would require another lap. No luck. Continued running 10 miles of loops of this route and no signs of a badge. VERY annoying haha

Same for me. I ran the route this morning - no badge. :frowning:

As expected, no badge :frowning: