I do not receive my routes badges (Big Ring and Bologna)

Hi there,

I put in some effort to finish the Big Ring this morning and got the nice “finish screen” on Zwift when you finished the route for the first time and also the strava segment is shown, but sadly I do not see the badge in my collection.
Nevertheless, I was ‘motivated’ by this error and finished the Bologna time trial course one hour ago for the very first time. And guess what, I can see the ride on Zwift, the segment on strava (also for the first time), but I do not receive the badge.

I checked on two iPhones and my iPad, all using the latest software. Currently, I do have 158 out of 208 badges.
Support was already contacted, but I havent heard back from them.
I can download the FIT file, but cannot find a way to upload them back to Zwift.

Maybe anyone got an idea?

You mentioned iPhone and iPad - it sounds like you may switch between different devices to run Zwift. Do you ever use it on yet another device? Make sure to log out of Zwift on any device you’ve got the app installed on, and then log back in on one of those devices to see if this helps fix the issue.


Also, quick note that the Bologna Time Trial course does not have a route badge associated with it.


Thanks, @mary! this could help for the future, but one more question… is there a list which routes do not reward me with a badge?
Certain not achieved badges are seen, but others are hidden and this confueses me a bit.

Moreover, is there anything one could do to secure that badge for the finished route instead of doing it again? I dont this happen to me when I attach the Uber Pretzel or the PRL full.


Here’s a list of all of the routes on Zwift: Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider I believe that as long as the route isn’t indicated as “Event Only,” you should be rewarded with a badge for completing it.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what you can do to try to get the badge for the Big Ring route, other than contacting Zwift support.

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Unless something has changed recently, there are two event-only cycling routes with a badge: Neokyo Crit Course, and Handful of Gravel. All others, no badge.

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Thanks, @Paul_Southworth, but there is also the Castle Crit route, right?

Also thank, @illyanadmc as I do have contacted the support three days ago, but havent heard back from them just now.

I tried to do the math to get all badges, but I cannot come even close to my max number of 208. I know that 11 running badges) are also included, but what about the “missions”? Are they also included in the count?
My situation: Currently 162/208 and have only 18 blank spots (not yet received 100kph, 100 kudos, everesting are missing). Including the 11 running badges, this brings me up to 194 and still 15 would be missing… any ideas?

There are 3 more coming as part of the Tour de Zwift, Castle Crit, Big Flat Eight and Spiral Into Volcano. But you can’t do those until that stage of the Tour (Feb. 7-11). I don’t think there’s been any mention if they’ll be available after the Tour ends though.

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I just completed the spiral yesterday and the big flat 8 on Monday. So, they are in the bank :wink:

That’s new. I don’t see them as options to free ride or to set up in club rides/meetupsHow were you able to select the routes or were they part of an event?

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yeah I don’t see them in the list of routes yet either, so how did this work?

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Check zwiftpower, some events have “-” as route, they seem to be the three new routes.


I selected the events using zwithack. There re quite a few options.
That’s why I was wondering what else I might be missing.


If they start combining worlds finally, I want a badge for Big Ring Bologna.

now see 211, I thinks that theres a new running badge for the castle crit route? But cannot find anything about it:
Running: 11 general, 2 special, 14 routebadges = 27
Cycling: 12 general, 20 extra, 10 special, 141 routebadges = 183

Makes 210 instead of the 211 I see now?

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Thanks, @Rein_R ! Are you sure that the running routes also count in? That would be the answer to me as there is exactly 14 badges missing that I cannot make sense of.


The running and cycling math was working welll for me the last 2 years. Until yesterday theres is one badge extra 210 to 211. Guess must be castle crit running route acheivement. But nothing to find abou that.

I’m not sure there has been any information about the Castle Crit run badge.

However I see Castle Crit circuit is being used for stage 8 run so I assume the badge can be obtained then.

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Well, if it is the same as cycling, maybe you can join an event and obtain your badge there. That’s what I will be doing on Thursday for the castle crit cycling :wink: