Can't Update Payment Info

I’m trying to update my payment information with a new, non-expired credit card. After entering all of my information and clicking continue, my credit card details disappear and the Z flashes colors for about 15seconds and then nothing happens. The Z disappears and my credit card info re-appears. No error message or anything. I’ve tried this with 3 different cards, on Safari and Chrome. I’ve tried entering the numbers manually and by using my Google wallet. I tried yesterday, and again today. I can’t seem to give Zwift my money…the one thing you’d expect to work correctly.

UPDATE: My workaround was to add my credit card to my PayPal account and then pay via PayPal.

Thanks for sharing. We’ve created a bug around this situation.

We also looked into your account and it looks like it did go through on the new card you added.

Have a similar problem… I can’t change my payment on zwift com/eu-de/payment-update. After entering this link, the options “credit card” and “Paypal” appear for 3 seconds and then the Z flashes colors for about 10seconds and then the link changes to .zwift com/eu-de/billing/ membership. And there is no option for changing my payment method. Actually there appears " Oops, we hit a snag!".
Are there actually any trouble about payment???
Also when I want to re-activate my membership, it stucks at the point where I choose “Join”. (at confirmation the data for direct debit, which is right)
I already send a mail to customer support, but the answer wasn’t helpful at all.

the same question, what can I do about it

I would contat Zwift support about that. Zwift can’t help with payment issues here on the forum.

thanks,I try to contat Zwift support but no reply yet

It has a bug when the countrycode is illegal.
here is the error message
Uncaught RangeError: Incorrect locale information provided
at Number.toLocaleString ()

I am a programmer and I override the native method and payed successfully

Number.prototype.toLocaleString = function(locale){ return this.toString() }

i think this error shoudln’t have caused a fatal crash :sweat_smile:

Let‘s work overtime!brothers

hmmmm … same here … Also I have contacted the support some minutes ago - anybody else a solution for no-programmers :slight_smile: ???

Ughh same issue. Trying to update my payment card and i hit the same snag it just reports an error. You would think as this is a payment issues, this would have been fixes right away.