Unable to update Billing info

After cancelling my Direct Debit payment method, with a view to update to Credit Card - on the recommendation of Zwift Support to get my Elite promo code to work - I am now locked out of using Zwift. The Billing screen is blank and despite sending four Support requests over the last 5 days, I’ve heard nothing. To make matters worse, my bank account was debited last week so I have another 3 week’s Zwift credit. Has anyone else had this and is there a solution? Desperate…

One support ticket would have been enough. Did u make a new ticket each time or somehow reply to the same one?

The wait time is measured in weeks from what I hear on here.

I assume you have tried a different browser?

Painful. I’ve replied to the first ticket, and then followed up by creating a new tickets. Is it usual for a Direct Debit payment cancellation to take several days before being able to update the payment method? The real annoyance is that I’ve paid my monthly subscription on 22nd April, so it seems the backend doesn’t handle cancellation based on what you’ve paid for.

I’ve tried several browsers and on different devices. I appreciate Support maybe stressed right now, but given the uplift in paying users and the remote nature of support provision - and the fact this is the only relief a lot of people have in lockdown - I would say Zwift need to get a grip of this quickly.

Thanks for the reply btw!

I’ve read that if you reply to a ticket you are put at the bottom of the pile. Could be wrong tho.

For what it’s worth I update my credit card details without issue the other week when my card expired.