Direct Debit payment failure. Account suspended

I have become a Zwift member recently and set up a Direct Debit (UK). I had a promo code for 1 month free membership from my turbo purchase, however it didn’t work with Direct Debit and the funds have been deducted from my bank account as soon as it is set up, instead of starting the collection a month later.

I have then contacted Zwift support; they advised me to cancel my Direct Debit and enter a credit card number to get my promo code working. As soon as I cancelled my membership, the billing page got frozen and doesn’t allow me to enter any payment details.

Now when I open Zwift app, I get a message saying that my trial has expired and I haven’t paid. However I’ve paid for one-month membership, which is valid until 22 May 2020 and it looks like my promo code has been invalidated…

In summary:

1- My account has been suspended, I can’t use Zwift even though I have paid for the full month.

2- I am not able to enter my payment details because that billing page is frozen.

3- My promo code is invalidated, probably when I first entered it during my Direct Debit set up.

4- UK support phone number and web chat options are not working. Response times are very slow via email, hence my message here.

Did you get any help with this? The exact same thing has happened to me. I’m new, I set the direct debit up today, 20 October, applied the promo code and I’m paying on the 26th of October, which I cannot comprehend as I’m paying for a month of usage for 6 days and my promo code hasn’t worked so the first month isn’t even free? Or will the next one be?

I was told to cancel my direct debit and set up a subscription with a credit card in order to use the promo code.