Can't launch Zwift after v 1.25.0 game update [macOS]

Arrrgh. It’s just the small window s Scrolling sideways. Arrived 25 minutes early and missed my group ride. A pox on this update

Edit: worked after reboot

And delete all the file in ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift and muck around with the files in Documents/Zwift and then restart and download the installer repeatedly until you get the one that actually updates.

It’s clear no one tests this stuff before release. #worksforme seems to be the sign-off criteria. I really look forward to riding when I get home from work and trying to figure out the new UI is enough for one week. I lost about half an hour yesterday with pairing issues but that’s not new, almost expected. Now this. Pathetic.

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I’m experiencing the same problem, I saw the dialog box but then disappeared quickly, now Zwift is not starting.
MacPro Late 2013 (MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave)

Was this after deleting and reinstalling Zwift?

This was certainly the issue I had – tried reinstalling etc. Only when I came to do a complete shut down did I see the hidden screen. Reinstalled - found the hidden screen and now okay ! Well as okay as it ever is !!

That little dialogue asking to install something is very elusive.

The first time was nowhere to be seen. Kill and try again.
The second time I saw it briefly before it disappeared but I could not find it again whatever I did.
The third time it worked as it was supposed to.

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Glad I saw this before I updated. Waited for the popup and was able to keep it going. it usually takes a minute or two for updates on my wifi but I did have this experience today which was mildly funny …
I had to restart the update and all was fine.

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Updates taking over 38 years are unreasonable imo.


so, not hidden behind the launcher app but hidden behind things on a completely different monitor. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, that box pops up as the back window of all windows open, not the front. Mac OS 12.1

Anyone else on MacOS have tremendous latency issues with this recent update? I have riders and frames flashing in and out of existence, the ride itself logged in extremely slowly, and when the ride started, it was like watching a PowerPoint presentation.

I lowered my graphics settings and that got rid of the PowerPoint issue…mostly, but I still have riders just flashing in and out throughout.

I am experiencing this issue since 14 May and customer support pointed me to this thread.

Unfortunately, even after deleting & manually reinstalling the app (preserving the /cp and /Workouts folders, following the instructions), the issue still persists - after clicking Let’s Go, I just see an endless loop of the marketing sliding images. I’ve used Expose to see ALL windows, and there’s nothing hiding. :frowning:

I’m on a MacBookPro running OSX 12.3.1 and I’ve already submitted my logs and crash logs through your customer support.

UPDATE: After reinstalling twice, I then restarted my entire machine, then opened Zwift again. This time it found another big update (it already updated on Saturday morning), and after that completed, I clicked Let’s Go and it was finally able to load the app. Thank god! Now please, PLEASE hire some more QAs and testers and bring regression testing into your release procedure!

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Just lost 30mins trying to get Zwift started after the upgrade on a MacBook Air. So annoying. Only have a white screen now.

Hi @Jen_Mitchell welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The blank screen shouldn’t happen but ignoring that for a moment - were you able to move / minimize that window to discover the “Zwift needs to apply a quick update” dialog box hiding below it?

That dialog box will install the latest Zwift launcher v 1.1.1 as noted upstream.

I checked your login hiistory on our server and the last time your were able to log in succesfully from the mac laptop was May 12. At that time, that computer was on an older version of the launcher app as well as an older version of the game app.

At this point, please try the steps I outlined above. Would you report back and let us know how it worked out?

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