Can't have HR data


I have a garmin 945. I have a wattbike atom and HRM band with my garmin.
I use Zwift on a Ipad.
I can only have the power and cadence in Zwift. To know my HR I need to be recording an indoor bike activity with the watch.
Any way of having the hr in zwift.


Hi @Diogo_Rebelo_6744

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I assume your Garmin is ANT+ only. The ipad only comunicate using Bluetooth.

So you either need a Bluetooth hr strap or a Bluetooth bridge.

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Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for that. Sorry for my ignorance. What would be the easiest way to create a Bluetooth bridge. I have Garmin HRM tri that was quite expensive so wouldn’t like to be getting a new one.

Also my watch allows me to broadcast the hr and still zwift can’t find it.


Your watch broadcast a ANT+ signal.

I have heard good things about this one.

Have you tried following this video to see if your watch does broadcast HR using Bluetooth. Some of the newer ones do.


Brilliant Ben.
I was using the broadcasting option instead of the virtual run mode.


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