Garmin HRM data to Zwift

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help…

I have recently temporarily for a few weeks moved out of my flat in which I took my turbo trainer and bike with me. HOWEVER I forgot to bring my Bluetooth HRM which I use for Zwift and only brought with me my ANT+ garmin HRM.

What I would like to know or was wondering if anyone knew the answer to is, is there a way of transferring and/ or merging the HR data from my garmin watch (920xt) into Zwift for my workouts and races?

I use my iPad for Zwift which only takes Bluetooth.


No, you would either need a Bluetooth HRM or use NPE CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iPad.

The 920xt cannot be used with Zwift at all.

garmin has a function to send heart rate data.
But it is for ANT+.
It is not usable in Ipad.