Cant get avatar to move

I have a iGPSPORT sensor that is mounted on the pedals of a simple stationary bike.

I use iPhone (coldn’t get Windows to work at all) and choose speed sensor.

Is this what you have:

Yes, it is.

Make sure that the speed sensor is not connected to anything else before open Zwift, including your iPhone, bike computer and any apps… You are using Bluetooth which is a one-to-one connection.

Well, checked that. But even before I had connection. Still wont move.

Did you select an unsupported trainer and a wheel size that is close to the one on the stationary bike?

Well, I chose unsupported trainer. Didn’t think much about wheel size but should that matter if I have the sensor on the pedals?

Having the sensor on the pedals is probably the issue since it is designed to go on a wheel.

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Well, it works with VZfit but maybe not Swift.

Do anyone know how others do with a simple stationary bike? I can’t attach it to the wheel.