Biker not Moving on Screen and is Getting Embarrassed

I am probably just missing a minor step, but cannot figure out why my bike is not moving on the screen. I have searched these forums long and hard but no luck. Here is my situation:

New to indoor training and trying to get set up.
Have a kinetic trainer.
Have Garmin Cadence Sensor 2 and Speed Sensor 2.
Created a Zwift account and also paid for a membership (so not a free trial issue).
Running Zwift on my iPhone 7.
Also have had Fenix 3 beforehand (added Speed/Cadence sensors to Garmin Connect App)
Zwift shows the two sensors as connected, then I hit the “Let’s Go” button. On the next screen, my sad little rider just sits on the side of the road as I peddle on my bike. Other riders pass without even saying hi. I can ring my bike bell… but my guy still feels sad he cannot move.
The biker has never moved.


@Darin_Short you can’t connect the sensors to 2 different programs at once via Bluetooth. Disconnect the sensors from Garmin Connect on the iPhone, and for good measure close that app while zwifting.

Open zwift on your iPhone and pair the speed and cadence sensor via Bluetooth. You can connect the sensors to your Fenix 3 via ANT+ if you want a record in Garmin Connect and start a ride on your watch when you start moving in Zwift.


Hi @Darin_Short welcome to Zwift forums.
There are a number of reasons why your avatar won’t move, but mostly, it’s the speed sensor data that moves the avatar.

I’m looking at your session log on our server and see something called a SPD-BLE0666020 connected via Bluetooth as your speed sensor. I can’t Google anything about this thing, so I’m not sure which of your sensors this might be.

Is it possible this is a speed sensor on a different bike you’re connecting to?

I also see a Kurt Road Machine controllable smart trainer on this end. Would you verify that’s the model you have? The Kinetic should put out speed, cadence, and also a controllable trainer signal to the game. Currently, it is only connected as a classic trainer. Its speed, cadence and controllable signals are not paired to the game.

Please see the Pairing your Devices support page. My suggestion is to simplify what you’re connecting to Zwift. The Garmin sensors can simultaneously pair with your Garmin watch if you want to capture a parallel set of workout data.