Can't find TICKR heart rate sensor after update

(1 CyclePark1#) #1

Used several tickrs  heart rate sensor on ipads for an year.

But failed to find sensor after upgrade except connection with trainer.

I tried to install a new tickr, it also failed.

When I try search on tickr on ipad config, it show a device well.

Please see attached photos.

(David K) #2

Bluetooth devices can be a bit particular in the way they pair. If your Tickr has already been paired with a device previously or inside of it’s official support app, it can prevent your Tickr from being detected in Zwift properly. Please double-check your devices. Rather than simply disabling bluetooth, you’ll need to select your Tickr and manually unpair it. Same goes for the Wahoo support app - if you notice the sensor is paired in there, it’ll need to be unpaired before the support app is closed.

The other thing I was noticing is that you look to be logged into Zwift from two separate devices at the same time. It looks like you’re using an iPhone and an iPad. Having multiple devices logged in at once can cause pairing confusion, but it can also potentially lead to lost experience and missing activities. Please ensure you’re only logged into one device running Zwift at a time.

If none of that seems to help much, please submit a support ticket with us so we can further research your concerns. Our email address is