Heart rate device can not be paired

In the paired devices menu I can not pair my Bluetooth heart rate belt device. This icon simply does not appear. Only the Power Souce and the Speed Sensor come up. See attached picture.

The heart rate device is detected by all other apps.
Same on my iPhone and iPad.
What is wrong and what to do?

Depending on your trainer you will need to click on Power Source or Speed Sensor and then you should see the Pairing Screen where you can pair your HRM.

Also you need to make sure that the HRM is not connected to any app or device and this includes your iPad and iPhone since Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

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Hi @Morten_Jeppesen Welcome to Zwift Forums.
I work at Zwift HQ and can see the session logs for your login attempts. It looks like you’re running the game app on both an iPhone and and iPad, and there’s problems connecting to both, is that right?

There was one session where you were able to log in, initiate the game, and log off successfully. However, there wasn’t a speed sensor, cadence, or power source connected, so I can’t tell what type of trainer / sensors you have. Would you let us know, please?

A common mistake that new members make is connecting their sensors directly to the iPad/iPhone in the way that you’d connect Bluetooth earbuds. If you’ve done that, you must go to the device settings and remove them from your list of stored Bluetooth devices.

The reason for that is Bluetooth sensors create a 1:1 connection, so if your trainer / heart rater monitor is connected directly to the iPhone, then it is no longer available to the apps running on that phone. Would you verify that’s not the case?

Once you have that sorted, we have a support page that you will find very informative. Specifically, we have a page on connecting speed and cadence sensors and a page on connecting heart rate monitors.

Hi… in my case… I cannot remove the connection… Any idea guys?

Hi @Faris_Yusoff

Looks like you have an iPhone, is that so? See this Apple Support article for pairing / forgetting Bluetooth devices: