Can't connect to GSC10 using Suunto movestick mini

(Peter Oxlade) #1


I have been trying to get Zwift to connect to my GSC10 speed / cadence sensor. At first I got a Garmin stick but no luck as I think it was USB1 rather than USB2. I have now got a Suunto movestick mini which is USB2 but still no luck in getting Zwift to connect.

Has anyone else got this same set up and if so how did you manage to connect the the GSC10 to the computer running Zwift?

I am using a Macbook pro.


(Peter Oxlade) #2

(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #3

Hi Peter this is already covered here.


I think we are going to have to wait for Zwift to fix their latest update


(David Cubero) #4

Hello, i am having the same problem, garmin ant+ stick and GSC10 on macbook pro. Zwift finds the heart rate monitor but no cadence/speed sensor. My 920xt gets it and so does my garmin 800