Can't choose world or route

I’m new to Zwift, have read all getting started posts, but can’t get started. I’m using an android phone, because my android tablet and Chromebook are both incompatible with Zwift. After connecting the sensors to my Wahoo Kickr Core and clicking Let’s Go, I see my avatar on a road with others around. There is no menu to choose a world or a route within the world. There is no way to change the environment. I can’t find any other threads describing this problem. What am I missing? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times. It’s the current version. The only thing I can do in the app is ride. How do I get to all of the options I’ve heard so much about?

Hi @Gwen_Weerts, welcome to the forums. This is the introductory ride, as you go along things will be explained. Gp Lama did a video on YouTube about it.

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Oh my, thank you @Mike_Rowe1! I was trying to explore the app, but I just needed to let Zwift do its onboarding thing. I really appreciate your response.

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Hi Gwen,

Sorry if this caused any confusion! We also have information about the introductory ride in our support hub in the “Riding In Zwift” article.

We hope you enjoy Zwift!