When in a Zwift cycling world, I cannot change a course

Hi, as briefly described, when I have selected a Zwift world to cycle in, Zwift defaults to a course in that world and it will not let me change it. I have tried stopping VPN, reloaded the Companion App as well as the Zwift app. Zwift works fine when in the defaulted worlds but it will not let me change courses before the ride. Anybody have any ideas?


Hi @Geoff_Iddison, welcome to the forums.

Are you saying you don’t get the turn arrows on the bottom of the screen at intersections? See pic:

What specific devices are you using for Zwift?

hi @Geoff_Iddison

You can choose routes from the main menu.

Select the World and then the route.
Zwift Pickroute

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Sounds like you might be clicking the main menu Ride button by accident when you think you are just pressing OK in the pairing screen (though then you wouldn’t even be able to select a world so this sounds a bit confusing). Try waiting for a while longer to see if the pairing screen goes away on its own. (Awful design, I know.)

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