Cant change the colour

Hi Guys, I have just completed the Italian challenge and received my Pinarello Dogma… but its a nasty black colour. I seem to recall that before the drop shop arrived you could change the colour of frames, I completed the Specialized challenge and received a Tarmac that i could change the colour on but now i can’t. Does anyone know of a fix? See below my Dogma in black.

Thanks Guys

Not sure if you can change the color on this frame, but if you can it will be in your garage in the settings menu, when you choose this frame does a little spray paint can show up on the right hand side of the screen?

No Mike there is no can :cry:

Not all frames allow you to change the color. I think the Dogma is only available in black.

Is there no way round it??? :pleading_face:

Correct. If there is no spray can for this bike in the garage then you can’t change the color. There are a number of bikes for which this is the case. The Felt AR I generally ride, for example, only has white. And I think the Specialized S-Works Venge is only available in grey. Perhaps someday the Zwift Gods will add this functionality, but I wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting.

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I would expect this wasn’t a zwift decision but the bike manufacturer’s decision.

At least the Madone is now the proper cover red. And i have just unlocked it. :smile_cat:

Can you change the colour of the Madone, I thought you could? I’m saving my drops for it atm.

I have the same specialized tarmac from the challenge. You were never able to change the color of that bike.

There are many frames in game that can not be changed sorry.

Specialized Allez Sprint and Trek Emonda do not allow color change as well. It looks like all of my Zwift bikes allow color change.