Can't calibrate Kinetic Road Machine

Hi guys,
I’ve just joined Zwift and cannot calibrate my Kinetic Road Machine. I’ve searched for help online but Zwift just suggests there should be a wrench symbol under ‘Power Source’ when pairing. There is no wrench for me on my Samsung Android phone.

Surely I don’t need to calibrate on the Kinetic app then switch to Zwift? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hey Dan!

We recommend calibrating through 1st party apps if possible, meaning the one from Kinetic in this case. Since it’s their trainer, they will probably be more active, and in many cases, we’ve removed calibration options from Zwift for many trainers cause we no longer get the information needed to calibrate the trainers in app, so if there is no wrench, you have to go through the manufacturers app. Sorry for any confusion on this matter.

Hi Seth,
That’s disappointing but many thanks for your response.

I don’t really understand calibration. If the trainer is calibrated accurately Kinetic, will it be calibrated accurately on zwift when I close down the Kinetic app?

Kinetic Road Machine isn’t a power source. You need to set it up as a virtual power source and it doesn’t need calibration.

Thanks for your response. I’m afraid i don’t understand though! Aa far as I’m aware you ought to calibrate each time unless you have a direct drive. How do i set my Kinetic up as a power source???

Interestingly I can calibrate my mate’s Wahoo Snap trainer on my Samsung but i can’t calibrate my Kinetic. However, I can calibrate my Kinetic on my old iPhone 6.

Why can my old iPhone 6 calibrate my Kinetic trainer but my new Samsung Galaxy A70 can’t? Is this a problem with Android?

First you need to set up a speed source so Zwift can calculate your power based on your speed.

Configure your speed source.

Then it will take you to trainer selection page.

Then you’re good to go on virtual power.

Then only configuring you even need to do is making sure your speed source is configured correctly. Say you change from a 23 to a 25 tire for example.

I just realized you’re talking about being able to calibrate on your iPhone. So I’m guessing you actually want to set up Kinetic inRide?

Yes it may be that the bluetooth wont work for all devices on Android. I have an inRide available and tested it. It would connect to PC through both direct BT and with the companion app. However could not connect through BT when running Zwift on my phone.

I installed Kinetic on my phone to check and it connectes to the inRide. The problem appears to be Zwift BT on Android.

Thanks for your responses Nicholas. I don’t have the inRide sensor and as far as I’m aware I shouldn’t need one as I have a smart trainer. I’ll contact Kinetic to see if they have a solution. Thanks

I do product testing with Kinetic and have ridden a fair amount on the Kinetic InRide (name of the sensor that estimates power and broadcasts it) so let me help out here. The in-game calibration from Zwift isn’t setup to do this specific calibration. There are some confusing aspects of this for end users and manufacturers alike.

The advice to calibrate in the Kinetic Fit App is spot on though. If you warm up for 10 minutes with tire pressure to 100 psi you get good results. The calibration will guide you if you need to increase or decrease roller tension. In my tests the power values are frequently in the 5% or better match with a direct force power meter and quite consistent. In fact, if you leave the bike on the trainer you can just keep your tire pressure pumped up to 100 psi every few days and calibration becomes an infrequent matter only required if you move the bike on/off.

I hope this helps and it should be easier than the instructions to use it as a classic trainer. Happy to answer any other questions.

Hi Duane, thanks for your response. I’m getting support from Kinetic but unfortunately none of the advice I’ve had works so Kinetic think the magnet may need replacing. I’ve tried calibrating in Kinetic and switching to Zwift several times now on my Samsung, my old iPhone 6 and my wife’s iPhone 8 but it doesn’t work. I tried twice in the same day last week. For my morning session I could easily sustain 800w. In the evening I struggled to maintain 105w. It’s wildly different everytime I use it and Zwifts training programmes are un-usable for me at present. Also, I do not need inRide as it’s a newer model smart trainer.

I see, I was keying off the road machine in the title and figured this was the fluid trainer. It sounds like Kinetic is working with you, which is good and should get matters sorted but I can understand how that is frustrating.

Thanks. It’s full name is a Road Machine Smart Trainer T-6400. It would be easier if they changed names when they upgraded models! Very frustrating but to be fair, Kinetic’s customer service has been very good. They are very responsive to emails.