Kinetic Inride - Calibration function

I use my Inride on Zwift and very pleased with the set up.


However it is very annoying having to do my warmup and calibration (no point doing calibration before warmup) on the Kinetic app before joining Zwift.

Would be great if there was the ability to run a calibration on Zwift so I could warm up on Zwift, then calibrate Inride from the menu, then carry on the ride.


This is an excellent function on TrainerRoad which allows you to do the above - pause workout/ride at any point and run a calibration, would be superb if Zwift could replicate it.

I haven’t tried this personally, but I think you can accomplish this as follows:

  1. Come to a stop
  2. Press the A key to get the pairing menu
  3. Unpair the Kinetic in-ride
  4. Connect from mobile app and calibrate
  5. Exit mobile app
  6. Pair again in Zwift to the in-ride sensor


Nice tip thank you…but still a faff. Much easier on Trainer Road with specific option

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Would love a calibration function integrated into Zwift. I have the pro flywheel and fear that I am way off?? 

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Sorry to open up an old thread here, but am I wrong in thinking that, when you calibrate using the inride app, it’s the app you’re calibrating and not the sensor? That is, if you calibrate in the Kinetic Fit app, is there any reason to believe that calibration has any effect on Zwift? Is the calibration data sent to the bluetooth unit or is it simply accounted for by the Kurt app?


The calibration setting remains with the trainer and is even preserved in volatile memory with the firmware if you power off the trainer.  So once you calibrate with the Fit app the adjustment is set and available for all other programs.


It might be saved but is this not something that can change with roller tension and tire pressure and therefore should be set at each start of session. Actually just after warmup?

You are right, Jeremy.  If you take the bike on and off it is really a good idea to calibrate.  I do personally find that if I leave the bike on and just keep my tires pumped up to around 100psi from one session to the next I get reliably consistent power figures validated against a powertap.

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