Kurt Kinetic Inride: how often do you calibrate?

How often do you calibrate you Kurt Kinetic Inride sensor? After warming up for ten minutes, I consistently get almost the same calibration number every time within 1-2 points. (191-193).

Given that it’s a bit of a pain to calibrate in zwift I’m wondering if it’s really necessary to calibrate every time as the resulting number is almost always the same. I’ve started only to do it once a week.

Yeah, calibration is a PIA.   I used to do it pretty regularly, but if you’re racing to join a race or have limited time (like riding in the morning before work) doing a 10 minute warmup is a nuisance.  I’m very consistent with maintaining tire pressure and roller tension so I think my numbers are likely consistent if not totally accurate.   I doubt many riders calibrate Kinetic traininers that often.

Cool thanks Greg, sounds like we’re on the same page.

I was trying to find where if Kurt Kinetic publishes where in their power equation the calibration factor is entered.  I.E…is the calibration factor a 1:1 relation to power or does it all feed into a different part of the polynomial.  Would be good to know at least if your calibration factor is off by 1 unit then your power is off by X units.   


End of the day i guess it’s not really to big a deal.  getting the rides in is really what counts!  Will leave it at that.