It would be AWESOME if we were able to calibrate Kinetic by Kurt smart trainers…

I can calibrate my trainer with the Kinetic app all day long, but my Zwift ride metrics are always way off from what they actually are.

When do you see this being available?

I can’t think why your Zwift metrics would be off. If you correctly calibrate your trainer using a 3rd party app then that calibration carries over to Zwift. It does with other trainers e.g. I calibrate my Hammer smart trainer using the Rouvy app. I then fire up Zwift. The spindown calibration carries over to Zwift.

Sounds like you need to do a support ticket as something isn’t right.

I calibrate my trainer before each ride via the Kinetic Fit app. Just today I calibrated and then joined a ride.

On one hill - which was a 6% downhill grade - Zwift told me I was doing 35 mph.

That ain’t right.

But when I do a workout with Kinetic or Trainer Road or PerfPRo, the metrics are a lot more realistic.


Can you explain why 35mph is wrong.

Well, also on a 4% uphill grade, Zwift said I was doing 23mph. That for sure isn’t right.

And the reason 35mph isn’t right is I’ve done course rides on PerfPro with a 6% downhill grade and have never cracked the 30mph barrier. And PerfPro’s calibration is pretty solid.


What are the w/kg when you are going up the 4% grade?

Zwift uses your watts broadcasted (it’s different for zPower/virtual power), your in-game weight, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes to determine in-game speed.

I would have to say after over 2 years of using Zwift that the in-game speed is pretty accurate.

I’m not using a power meter, just my Kinetic trainer…

And what’s more, my better half just finished a ride and according to Zwift her top speed was in excess of over 50 mph. So I’m gonna guess Zwift is probably off.

I mean, our in game weights are fine. We’re using just the standard bike. It was only on a 6% grade. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that a 6% grade and no amount of drafting is going to lead to someone doing 50+ mph.

I’m pretty sure no one in the real world has done over 50+mph on a bike - regardless of how good they are.

Ah, zPower that kind of explains it. 

zPower takes your rear wheel speed and the power curve of the trainer you select in the pairing screen and estimates your watts. Those watts can be close to real world or widely off in some cases. 

People have done well over 50mph on a flat road using a bike. 

What watts and/or watts per kilogram are you seeing while riding on Zwift?

I’d have to go back and do another ride to see, but it’s nothing too extraordinary - maybe averaging 2 to 2.5 wkg.

We’re amateurs…trust me! 

We’re in the market for actual power meters eventually, but was hoping to get a closer to real world results with Zwift. But it is what it is…!

Now if we could get the blue tooth connectivity issues with Kinetic trainers worked out we’d be all good!