Calibration Prior to Ride

I have a Kinetic by Kurt Smart Controller. The controller comes with its own app for calibrating the trainer.

When doing a Zwift ride, the metrics are way out of whack! If I’m going uphill, Zwift says I’m going 5-8 miles an hour. If I’m going downhill, it’ll tell me I’m doing 35-40 mph.

The speed is nowhere matched to what my cadence and speed sensor (ANT+) are showing.

Is there no way to calibrate before a ride??

Hi Anthony,

Make sure your KK Smart Control trainer is first upgraded to the latest firmware.

Then, calibrate via the KK app on your phone over Bluetooth. Once this is done, shut down the app and unpair from your phone. Log in to Zwift on your preferred device and it should be properly calibrated.

Just make sure it’s paired on Zwift as both a controllable trainer and power source (and not speed/classic trainer).

And, of course, your speed sensor will never reflect your speed on Zwift properly as it just assumes you’re riding on a level surface without Zwift’s hills and descents.

As Eric said, the speed on your trainer back wheel is entirely different from your speed in Zwift. In Zwift your speed depends on your power and your height and weight and the gradient of the Zwift road. Your height and weight affect your speed because they indicate your aerodynamics and gravity effects. The speed sensor on your trainer back wheel does not consider your height or weight or virtual Zwift road gradient.

Also, it’s pretty normal to be going slower when going uphill and faster when going downhill ;). Your speed sensor will not take those factors into account.