I’ve just finished getting my Kinetic By Kurt Road Machine set up!

My question is about gradients and how they work. If I’m just going to do a normal “ride”, is there some kind of calibration I need to do between Zwift and my trainer? And how accurate is the course gradient/resistance? And lastly, unlike a workout, are you allowed to shift gears during a normal ride as oppesed to a workout?

Lastly, do you need an Android device to use Zwift? Can’t Zwift be used with just a laptop alone that is equipped with BlueTooth without the need for the Android “bridge”?

Thank you!

Anthony - congrats on your new trainer!  I too initially used the Kurt Road Machine which is a classic trainer, meaning that the zwift program does not control the resistance on your trainer.  What follows is based on that assumption, so take that into consideration.

For classic trainers, Zwift has what is called ZPower, which uses a unique algorithm to calculate your estimated power output based on your weight, speed, etc. There’s no need to calibrate anything.  When the gradient increases, you won’t feel any difference in resistance, although your speed will decrease if you don’t increase your cadence/effort.  In other words, it won’t get any harder unless you go faster.  That’s the big difference between classic and smart trainers, where the resistance is much more realistic.

You should be shifting during regular rides, just like you would if you were riding outside, unless you’re content to keep the effort consistent throughout your ride.

Zwift is designed to be used with PCs, laptops, Macs, and iOS systems.  As far as I know, Zwift for Android may not yet be available.  I could be mistaken, however.  Recommend you check the “Getting Started” link on zwift’s homepage for further guidance on system requirements.  The Knowledge Base is also a handy reference.

Good luck!

I should have been more specific in my original post. I am riding a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine WITH Smart Control…so Zwift will control the resistance on my trainer. Hence the reason I asked if there needs to be some kind of calibration?

When my significant other rides a course, I’m seeing some very large differences in the speed being registered by her Garmin and what Zwift is displaying.

Anthony, I assume there needs to be a calibration but that would most likely be done by the Kurt app, not by Zwift.  You do not need an android app to run Zwift, although there is an app that lets to control certain aspects if you want

That was my concern/question: it seems that you need to have the app (iOs or Android) in order to actually connect the trainer and be able to have it be a “smart” trainer". You can’t just connect the trainer to the Zwift app on your laptop via Bluetooth without the mobile app.

That’s fine, but seems kind of unnecessary when laptops now come with Bluetooth or you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter. Guess the app acts as a “remote control”…


Anthony you should not need to calibrate it it every use.  You do not need the phone app otherwise