Incorrect speed on zwift

Whilst I didn’t exactly cycle at a leisurely pace, I am pretty sure this is not my average speed. 34.8 km/h is too fast. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? From what I’ve read, I understand that zwift uses a variety of variables to calculate the in-gam speed. I’ve checked my weight details - that’s correct.

Hi @Zoe_Jones welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. A good baseline thing to do is calibrate your trainer using the manufacturer’s app. The spindown test in the Zwift game app is also a calibration tool, but it’s currently enabled only for a few brands & models until we sync with our trainer partners on current data.

Calibrating you would be a good next step - if you look for a workout called “Zwift Cycling 101” the third day of that is a mini ramp test. This is a quick version of an FTP test - which incrementally dials up the power target until you can’t maintain a high cadence any more. This sets your functional threshold power number in game, which has a great bearing on in-game speed, realistic resistance feel from your trainer, and so on.

Lastly - 35km average speed on a flat course like the Tick Tock map is brisk, but not outrageously fast. If you say it’s higher than your typical pace I believe you, so it’s likely that the two steps above will fine-tune your setup to your true abilities.

Can you check if you entered your weight as kg in the lbs field. For instance if you weigh 75kg you entered 75lb.

Yep, and double checked just incase! Height and weight are correct, with correct units.

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Take in the advice above those are good responses and you should calibrate your trainer regularly.

I would also ask were you solo riding or in a group? Were there many Zwifters online at that time? What I am getting at is that you could have benefitted from a good draft that you may not be used to. Even if you were not with a group catching a regular draft from riders passing you and when you catch and pass riders will significantly add to your speed.

Many variables go into aerodynamics and drafting but you can expect to do at least 25 and probably 30% less work than the rider you are drafting. If you are a smaller rider behing a big rider at high speed or you are in the middle of a large group you really can get pulled along without doing much work.

Lastly remember in Zwift you do not stop at stop lights, slow down for sharp turns, etc. You may be on a better, more aero bike than in real life. These really add up as well.

All things considered from drafting to not stopping/slowing down I regularly am 2+mph faster in Zwift for similar efforts when compared to outdoor riding.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Will try the spindown later. I have done the ramp test.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sure will, thank you!

I was riding solo, but yes, drafting the other riders a lot more than what I would have if I was outside. I just didn’t think it was a realistic speed for me, even considering all the variables.To put it bluntly, I am just slow! haha!

I’ll follow the advice above to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help and suggestions, appreciated!