Need for speed

Hi, New to Zwift.

My ride today showed that I was only moving at 4 mph with a +3% grade. I’m peddling as I normally do. My ELEMNT says I’m moving at 18mph… why the difference? Even in flat terrain I don’t feel I’m moving as fast as I should be. To get to “speed” I’d need more lower speeds. It’s frustrating. Today I rode for over an hour and only logged 10 miles. Outside it wold have been well over 18 miles.

I can’t keep pace and everyone zips past me.

This might help. Don’t even try to compare Zwift speed to what’s on your cyclometer.


Today I didn’t use my bike computer. Same result. My wattage is about 165w with 75 cadence. The runners pass me. How do I change bike frame. The closest I can find is a Madone. Mine is full carbon 700x26 wheel set.

Can you provide more info on your setup: trainer you are using? Device you run Zwift on? Connecting via ANT+ or BLE?

This will help forum members try and assist you further

165 watts should have you moving faster.

Make sure your wt is set correctly.
We have spoofed some friends by adding 300 lbs to their game wt.
Also, check your Height…

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Wahoo kicker, cadence and HR
I connect thru Companion. I can also connect with BT. I get the same result. My weight is set at 176#, I’m really at 230# but it won’t save. It defaults back to 176.

165 watts and 75 cadence does not provide much useful information, as we have no idea what gearing you are using, or what kind of trainer you are on. Also, runners on Zwift do not actually experience any gradient changes, as there are no treadmills that interact with Zwift the same way as a smart bike trainer. So, if you’re going up a hill you will slow down (most likely) while runners will still be, effectively, running on a flat gradient.

OK, now we know you’re on a Wahoo Kickr. On what device are you running Zwift? Are you connecting with Bluetooth or ANT+? Also strange that your weight won’t save. Any chance you’re logged in to Zwift on more than one device?

I use my laptop, I need to check the platform.
I normally boot up using the icon. I’ve used both BT and Ant. I’m using a Wahoo Kicker, with wahoo Candace and HR monitor. I have an Element Roam but was told not to use it.
My bike is a full Carbon Trek, weight and height are accurate

I have Zwift on my Laptop that I use for rides, and my cell phone. I just removed my app on my cell phone but kept the subscription.

My cassette is a 11 speed.

Is your issue with this ride (photo I snagged from your profile on the companion app)? If so it’s because you are riding a road bike in the jungle. Zwift changed the rolling resistance of dirt so road bikes are slow as all else on dirt/gravel.

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I’m going to monitor this. I’ve removed the app from my cell thinking being logged in two places might be a contributing factor.

I’ve experienced slow speed on roadway as well. Just strange. I’ll follow up after tomorrow’s ride.

Thanks to all who replied and tried to help.
Ride On

I definitely agree with the ‘road bike in the jungle’ comment. That combination is a frustrating catastrophe. Unless in an event that is only ‘passing through’ the jungle I will always change to the MTB.

Also, have to checked to ensure your trainer is on the latest firmware? And have you done a spindown/calibration?

I did the calibration yesterday. How do I switch bike types. I’m so inexperienced with Zwift. I’m looking for a riding experience to keep me in tune until spring. Any help optimizing my experience would be appreciated.

Come to a complete stop in game. Go to the menu -> garage and pick any frame you have available to switch bikes. Everyone has a Zwift MTB for free in their garage for use in the jungle.

Perfect! Tomorrow is a new start!

Thank you so much!!