Kinetic InRide

Happy new year!

When I use my iPhone App for the inRide Kinetic I am able to calibrate the pod that provide watts/rpm/speed when using Zwift , do I have to calibrate? and if I have to calibrate how shout I do calibrate?



I would calibrate before every ride - preferably after warming up tire and trainer.  This way you will get more accurate Watts input to Zwift.

You can DO that using the InRide App before starting the ride in Zwift.  Actually there’s nothing stopping you from doing it an any time before or during a ride in Zwift.  Zwift just takes what InRide passes through as watts.

But is the calibration stored in the InRide pod or in the app?

As I understand it, the pod is JUST a sensor that reports how fast the flywheel is spinning.

The Wahoo app also supports the InRide pod (firmware 1.0 only, it appears) and it has it’s own calibration mechanism.

I suspect that Zwift would have to implement its own calibration mechanism.

This is a good question - what I don’t understand is why the inride app and zwift report different numbers.  If the inride unit is just reporting power then the lack of agreement is puzzling.

I’m awaiting an answer on this…

Unfortunately you’ll never get one - I gave up on the InRide ages ago and I’m a happier person for it.  The product was doomed from the start.

Come on Zwift! You going to be like that?

I would also like to know how the inRide calibration is accessed via Zwift please?

Sorry - I don’t think it can be accessed via Zwift.  Unfortunately it can seldom be accessed by the Kinetic Inride software either.

The calibration can only be done after warmup. The calibration method is the entire reason you buy the inride in the first place (read dc rainmaker).

The problem is the connection with the program. I need to drop the connection from the mobile link in order to connect to the kenetic app. this is super annoying. I spend the last 10 min trying to reconnect with zwift, for some reason it doesnt want to pick up the signal from my phone again. Now im cooled down again, i’m angry and i can basically throw away the rest of my 1.5 h planned ride. please put some internal calibration (collaborate with kenetic) or at the very least make sure we can just jump to the other app, calibrate and jump back without messing with the connections.

Is the kinetic inride smart or smart control? And will it sense the gradient on zwift and change it on the trainer? And does it have ERG.