Can't Calibrate! Kinetic Road Machine Smart T-6

Hi all,

I’m having issues calibrating My T-6400 Kinetic Road Machine Smart trainer in Zwift. I can successfully calibrate in the Fit app. I can successfully calibrate in the Trainer Road app. I have successfully calibrated in Zwift once (and that gave me some suspiciously high power numbers, but that’s another issue). Each time I now attempt to calibrate, the process gets stuck on the “Maintain your current speed” prompt. OR it just times out waiting for the device to respond.

The trainer pairs to the app just fine. The trainer firmware is up to date. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift app, reset my modem and wifi router and done an unplug/plug-in on the trainer all with no luck. I’m running Mac OS and the Zwift companion app on an iPhone 6s

Any ideas?


Just do the calibration in the Kinetic App before you start Zwift.
The calibration is stored in the trainer.