Problem with Kinetic Smart Control calibration

There’s another recent thread about this but it isn’t getting much response:

I have a brand-new Kinetic Smart Control trainer that won’t calibrate reliably – in 15-20 attempts only 3 succeeded.

The Kinetic app always says ‘preparing calibration’ but never completes, just hangs there.

So far Kinetic Support has ignored my request for assistance.

App version is the latest, firmware 1625.

I’m not new to smart trainers and I have tried everything I can think of based on past experience – no other competing BlueTooth connections, tire inflation/roller tension, cycled power on/off on both App and trainer, etc.

If I can’t get this sorted over the weekend the trainer is going back on Monday.

Ive been using first a fluid rock and roll, now a control one.

I find that in TrainerRoad I need several goes at getting a calibrate. ( see below)

No calibrate mode in Zwift.  Have to use the kinetic app,

With the same tyres pressure etc, I am getting results between 8 and 11 , not very consistent. 

I have to wind the back tyre down hard to get no slip. )ive just ordered a different make of training tyre)

I find that when the app won’t calibrate usually trying with a different  (higher) gearing sometimes helps.

I appreciate your input:

I found that adding a lot of roller tension (3+ turns) produced reliable calibrations in the 8-10 second range (still higher than what Kinetic says is optimal 6-7).

That much tension is FAR more than I need to ride with no tire slip – 1.5-2.0 turns works fine when I ride Zwift.

And 3+ turns is contrary to Kinetic’s own advice to use ‘as little roller tension as possible’, with no slippage.

Kinetic Support has not responded to my inquiries at all.

I’ve always run just a regular road tire – Schwalbe tubeless – and I’m uncomfortable using so much more roller tension than necessary – craning it down even more to (presumably) get the 6-7 second spin down seems contra-productive.

I think I’m coming to the conclusion that, as much as I like the Rock and Roll, it isn’t worth the trade-offs – can’t use my Garmin head unit, can’t get reliable calibration without a lot of roller tension, cadence is wildly inaccurate without an ANT+ dongle – and Kinetic seems not to want to help at all. 

I think I’m going to return the Kinetic and go back to my Kickr Snap.

BTW: I don’t understand how different gears should make any difference at all unless you’re just talking about achieving the 22.36 mph calibration target.

i’m not sure why the cadence should matter, but i have found that it gives more reliable calibration ( ie calibrates) rather than spinning down to zero.

but i have found that when using trainerroad workouts, too higher gear (the opposite to when i gear up to calibrate) results in the kinetic being unable to put enough resistance in, such as when doing form sprints, when the erg unit can’t add enough resistance quickly enough.

i have my old triathlon bike ( down tibe shifters) on my turbo with a harder rubber training tyre,. i use all my garmin ant+ devices through a viiii HR monitor which bridges the ant+ to bluetooth.