Calibration time out with Kinetic 6500 smart control

Hi all, I have a Kinetic T6500 Smart Control and when trying to do the spindown calibration, I get to the speed and let it spin down to 0, then I get error, time out message.

Any suggestions?

Hi @1128-a_primero
Welcome to the Zwift forums. Are you doing the spindown test in Zwift, or in the Kinetic Fit app?

I do the spindown in Zwift.

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same issue and have been told that as long as I can calibrate using the Kinetic Fit app the smart head will retain the calibration and work properly in Zwift. Never got an answer from Zwift or Kurt Kinetic on why the timeout error in Zwift. I have doubts that my power readings are accurate but no way to confirm this.

Hi Bill,

No I never got an answer. What I have done is see if the reading on Zwift reads similar to the Fit app after calibration and it gives a very similar reading. However, the sensations are not fully there as I assume I am nowjust questioning it all.

On the other hand I also dont get cadence from the trainer, and as I understand they have disabled it in the current firmware. Do you have this issue?

Yes on cadence, it was disabled but I never thought it was accurate anyway. I use a Wahoo Cadence Pod attached to the left pedal arm that works well.

Personally I’ve gone to not caring what the power number is; I use it as a bench mark and only look for improvement.

I’m having the same issue, any progress here?


No answer or solution. Since then I also had 2 trainers with problems and they wanted to send me a motherboard for me to switch out. I ended up returning all trainers and bought Tacx. No problems since