Cant attack - smoothed power

(Doug Sweeney) #1

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Riding with kreittler rollers and a powertap power meter with an ant+ dongle to PC (win 10).  (paired power meter, speed/cadence sensor and HR monitor).

I have smoothing turned off in Zwift, although it sure looks smoothed to me.  would it be looking at any other smoothing ive applied in my Garmin, etc?  Does it matter that im running a pretty average computer with integrated GPU?

riding along in a pack at a steady 3.5wpk (260w, 90% FTP for me) - if i really get on it and jump up to 6wpk (450w), my avatar doesnt really respond…just kinda hangs out and slowly drifts up through the pack…whats going on here?  Kinda makes racing no fun since I cant really “attack”.

Main Ride


Zoomed in - this should include a full out sprint at 450+ watts for about 10 seconds.

(Michael Shaw) #2

I have this problem too as do many others I have spoken with. I have a Tacx Neo but when I sprint, or at the other end of the spectrum sit up and coast, it takes 3 - 5s for my avatar to start doing anything. The power sort of slowly rises and then my avatar responds. When I stop sprinting my avatar is still going like Mark Cavendish on the Champs D’Elysees for a further 3s or so. As mentioned above it impacts how you can race as when someone attacks I stamp on the pedals but they are 100m ahead of me before my avatar starts doing anything. 

I don’t have the fastest computer in the world, but I have all the settings turned down and it runs smoothly. I also have this problem on the iOS app. I have placed the devices right next to my Neo and no difference.

One thought I did have was this was hardware and not software related. Does the way that the Neo (and other trainers) calculates the power mean that it takes a few seconds for the turbo to respond to what is going on in real life? I know the Neo for instance doesn’t measure power through strain gauges and so is estimating power from an algorithm. It therefore needs a collection of data, say 3 - 5s to make a call as to what is happening in real life.

I will be getting the battery replaced on my SRM in the new year and it will be interesting to see if this makes a difference as out on the road, the SRM responds instantly - I stamp on the pedals and the watts shoot up. I stop pedalling and I get a 0w on my display within a second.

I have on the other hand spoken with Neo owners who do get instant response, so I’m not sure how hardware related it is, well in terms of the turbo anyway. Maybe my computer just isn’t crunching the numbers fast enough.

(Colleen Kirk) #3

I see the same. I just got a Neo from a clunky old Bushido. I see the same lack of response as with the Bushido. However, my new Neo does not have the road feel firmware update yet, and I think at least for the Neo something on the Neo side of the equation is supposed to have added a bit of ‘jumpy punch’ to the sprint efforts. I have at time seen a 3-4 second lag in response to an increased power.

Zwift will state on screen that my power doubled, but the speed stays the same for 3-4 seconds. This on flat under water part of course with 0% slope there…