Sudden Sprinting on a Trainer only gets my avatar to slightly increase his speed

(.Jason Perez Recumbent Dork) #1

So I’m rolling along at 24mph on flat ground at 250 watts then I drop down a few cogs and sprint at 600 watts for 15 seconds but my avatar with only slowly increase his speed to maybe 27mph. I’m brand new to zwift and I’m using a Tacx neo, is this normal?

I know in game speed is based on watts/grade/weight instead of direct trainer speed but the reaction to sudden all out attack just seems broken.

(Ray Ruyack) #2

What do you have your watt smoothing set to?

(.Jason Perez Recumbent Dork) #3

Sorry if this sounds ignorant but are you referring to the two choices in the zwift ride menu that are ether instant or 3 second smoothing? I have that setting at instant so it gives me exact power. If your refering to something else then please enlighten me. I will say that my power numbers in zwift are very responsive and can jump several hundred at a time when I sprint but the change in my MPH readout is very slow. 

(Ray Ruyack) #4

That is what I was referring to.  What trainer are you using?

(.Jason Perez Recumbent Dork) #5

Tacx Neo

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #6

Do you use ANT+ or BT?

(.Jason Perez Recumbent Dork) #7

Ant+ to my windows desktop right now, even got the usb extended cord for the Ant stick. I’m not even sure how to do Bluetooth on the desktop.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #8

I am on a Tacx Bushido and have the same feeling (at lower wattages than you). I feel like in Zwift I accelerate from a stop slower than I do in the real world. Same goes for any instantaneous change to a significantly harder effort. It is from a stop and also from moving to a higher effort moving.

In the real world there are small hills I ride all the time and when I get the right gear to be able to hit them with a quick cadence and a fast boost of power, it seems to me that I accelerate a lot faster than if I do the same on a small Zwift hill.


I have not studied my GPS tracks, however. Maybe it is my perception and not the reality.

Have you actually looked at a Strava recording of the a real world ride vs a Zwift ride? I will try to remember to do that myself.