Slow speed on Zwift - why?

(Michelle Grocock) #1

Hi all - I’m loving Zwift but I’m having issues with my speed being really low. I would average 30kph on a normal ride outside but struggle to maintain 23-25kph on Zwift. My power is also lower than it would be outside. Consequently I’m having issues joining any group ride as I just fall off the back in the first 2 minutes. Any tips from others who’ve experienced this issue? I’m using a Tacx Neo trainer.

(Michelle Grocock) #2

And, yes, my weight is correctly entered

(Stef Levolger) #3

You mention your power is also lower than it’d be outside. Zwift merely uses the power levels transmitted by the Neo to compute the Zwift pacing.

As you apparently have a power meter seeing as to how you know your outside power values I’d say compare the power readings you’re getting from your regular power meter and from the Neo. If they don’t compare, one of the power meters is off. Based on the info you’re giving it’d suggest the Neo to be off, however ideally you’d have a third power meter just to be sure. But that might be hard to get by.

If the two power meters are comparable, you’re simply giving it less effort indoors. Although with a difference in velocity that large, I can’t see this as the most plausible reason as to why unless if you have no indoor cooling or a fan to prevent you from simply dropping the effort as you’re quickly overheating in the struggle.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Zwift only takes the power reported by the Neo. So if your power is low then it’s the Neo that’s the issue, not Zwift.


Is it possible for you to use your powermeter while riding the Neo? You can then compare the numbers.

(b. hickman) #5

my top power number outside is 1583. i have tried 6x to max out on the neo in the week ive owned it: 912.

my ftp is somewhere in the 230w zone on the neo. easily over 300 outside.