Cant make my avatar attack

Riding with kreittler rollers and a powertap power meter with an ant+ dongle to PC (win 10).  (paired power meter, speed/cadence sensor and HR monitor).

riding along in a pack at a steady 3.5wpk (260w, 90% FTP for me) - if i really get on it and jump up to 6wpk (450w), my avatar doesnt really respond…just kinda hangs out and slowly drifts up through the pack…whats going on here?  Kinda makes racing no fun since I cant really “attack”.

Without seeing your logs, I can’t say for sure, but it could be signal drops. If your signal is dropping, your power wouldn’t be sent as instantly as it should be.

You may want to check your logs against a site like Zwiftalizer to see if you’re having any signal drops. If your signal is solid, it could be an area we need to improve pack mechanics, and I’d recommend starting a thread in the feedback forums so our devs and other Zwifters can weigh in.